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I set up an email group.

Yep, one of those old discussion groups like the old Yahoo Groups. It’s on though, and it’s called LinkShare I set it up for people to share the cool and/or interesting things they come across while spinning the web. So far there are 3 members, and i’ve posted twice.

Music from the Unity4J vigil.

We’re almost at hour 29 and I can’t figure out how to embed with soundcloud, (lol!) So I’m just going to put links to the 2 songs here.Kill the Messenger, and Break Lights. This is what welisten to when the vigil is taking a short process break while switching guests, stretching etc.

I’m just going to drop a couple donation links here.

Apparently I’m the designated fundraiser, (lol!) It probably comes from participating in 7 24 hour blogging pledge drives! here’s how you can donate to the Wikileaks legal defence fund, which is managed by the Courage Foundation. Here’s how you don’t to Wikileaks itself.

#Unity4J 3.0 Online Vigil for Julian Assange

#Unity4J 3.0 Online Vigil for Julian Assange Wow, 41 hours until several of us try to stay up for 50, and the object this time is not to get extremely loopy so that what you say doesn’t make sense near the end lol. here’s the document listing the event start times.


Risk is the Laura Poitras documentary about Wikileaks. I reviewed it in audio form right here. In short, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you want to watch something that doesn’t tell the whole story. About a year and a half of the timeline is left out. It skips from around the end of 2013 to

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